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Instant Veteran 101

Below is a cheat-sheet, of sorts, that provides a super-simple, but effective strategy with no more than 2 guidelines per role. If you're already a veteran, and want to train up your buddy, but don't know where to start, this is a good start!

This is just one way to play, and absolutely not the end-all be-all. It's simply an opinionated way to start out as a beginner. As you play more, you'll discover dozens of ways to contribute that don't fit any of these rules. This is just a place to start. 


  1. Make a nice, relaxed kick toward left field that stays on the ground.


  1. ​Stay within arm's length of your Chaser, if you have one nearby,

  2. Constantly talk to them as you run, to let them know where you're at.


  1. Stay away from all Chasers, whether you have a ball or not. 

  2. Position yourself on an 'X' around the Runner as they run, and get ready to pass or throw the ball as soon as you get it.

play here

or here

base line


or here

or here

Purple Chaser

  1. Are there balls in the Outfield? Go get 'em and throw them off to the sidelines.

  2. Otherwise, help protect the Runner

Yellow Chaser

  1. Jog briskly around the bases, focusing on the balls, and letting your Runner figure out how to use you as a shield.

  2. Talk to your Runner constantly as you run, to ensure that they're right with you.


  1. Pitch immediately if there is nobody Running.

  2. Pitch as soon as your trailing Runner rounds second base. 

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