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Quickie Rules

Here are the quickie Rules to the game, for the discerning Mojonaut on the go. But if you're more of a pictures kinda person, why not check out the tutorial MojoKickball in Pictures. It should get you up to speed faster than anything else here.

As far as rules are concerned, no one has time for the complete rules. So I'm gonna try and give you the quickest version of the Mojo Kickball™ rules that I can. However, if you want to learn about the complete and official rules of Mojo Kickball™, then click here.


  • The game is timed and divided into four 12-minute quarters.

  • Whoever gets the most runs wins.

  • There are 6 balls in play.

  • The Pitcher is on the Kicking Team.

  • Unlimited "outs", "strikes", and "fouls".

Kickers and Runners

  • The ball you kicked must go past the Bunt Line to be considered In Play

  • May run and steal as many bases as possible as soon as they kick.

  • Start from Home Plate, run the bases, and score at Third Base. Every base is safe, including Home plate.

  • Are not "out" if they catch a ball that has been thrown at them.

  • Can field/retrieve any ball that is in the foul zones.

The Chasers

  • Are Kickers who get "out".

  • Consist of a "Chaser", an "Outer Chaser", and a "Pitcher Chaser".

  • Try to get the balls back from the Fielders.

  • "Tag" Fielders who have balls. Tag them by touching them with your hand.

  • "Tagged" Fielders must drop their ball. The ball is then "dead".

  • Can then send "dead" balls back to the Pitcher.

  • Must stay 3 feet from a newly-kicked ball until the Fielder touches said ball, making the ball "Live".

  • Every Kicker who gets "out" will become either a Chaser or an Outer Chaser before they can return to kicking.

  • May be relieved by other people in the Chaser line by dropping off the belt at the Chaser Area.

  • A new Outer Chaser may not come in until the Fielders have at least 1 ball in their hands.

  • An Outer Chaser may only retrieve/affect 2 balls, after which their time as Outer Chaser is over and they go back to Kick.

Dead Ball

  • Is a ball that is off-limits to the Fielders.

  • Can be re-captured and sent back to the Kicking team by any Kicking team member who is eligible to be in the same area as that ball.

  • If a Fielder touches a ball and then it hits the ground -- the ball is "dead".

  • If a Fielder with a ball gets tagged by the Chaser -- the ball is "dead".

  • If the Ball lands foul -- the ball is "dead".


  • Try to get Kickers/Runners "out".

  • No force-outs. Kickers must be tagged or directly hit with the ball.

  • May also catch a kicked ball (even foul balls) to get that Kicker "out".

  • Avoid the Chaser(s) and try to keep as many balls as they can.

  • May NOT interfere with a pitched ball.

  • May NOT field/touch a ball until the ball gets past the Bunt Zone.

  • Must stay off of the basepath and out of the Runner's way unless the Fielder has a ball in possession.


  • Is a side-rule/special rule.

  • Called by anyone on the Kicking Team.

  • Lasts exactly one minute.

  • Everyone on the Kicking Team temporarily becomes a Yellow Chaser.

  • Fielders who don't get tagged by anyone by the end of the minute may keep their ball.

  • Each team has one "free" Mayhem per game that is not counted against game time.

  • At the end of Mayhem, everyone but the Yellow Chaser goes back to kick. 

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