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Presently, Mojokickball is played in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, but its roots are in Austin, Texas. Check out our MojoKickball variation, Field Mojo if you're in Austin.


The Great

Mojo Tourney

A photo tutorial for anyone who is apprehensive about playing a game where 6 balls are all in play, all at once. Check it out.

Our Annual Great Mojo Tourney, the single dumbest game of Mojo all year. Onward, brave Mojonauts.


You have questions. We have answers. Let's hope you like what you hear.

What the heck is MojoKickball?

Put simply, it's 6-ball kickball mixed with tag, dodgeball, and hot-potato all jumbled up into a timed game that allows athletes and non-athletes to share the field and contribute meaningfully to their teams' success. Players commonly refer to it as simply "Mojo".


The game was made in 2006, built on the ideas of "Inclusion with Contribution". You can find out more in our FAQ. You can find out about where to play up above, and you can contact us with any questions you might have. Our goal is to simply spread the game as far and wide as we can. It's not just a different sport, it's a different approach to sports, and we want you to see it too. But first, you should play it!

What's so great about it?

Everyone is playing, all the time.

There's no waiting in line for your turn. Well there is, but not for very long. Even when you're in a line, you regularly jump out temporarily and do things to help your team out.

Clever people are rewarded.

You could be un-athletic as all get-out and still be your team's MVP because you used straight-up strategy over athletic ability. Oh don't get me wrong, athletic ability totally helps, but it's not anywhere close to being the end-all be-all of this game.

A wide variety of roles.

Your role can switch from Pitching to Kicking to Chasing people to running down multiple balls all in a minute. How long you stay in those roles is somewhat a decision on your part, so you can determine what best suits your fancy and your team for that moment.

"Inclusion with Contribution".

If you're a fast runner, there's a place for you. If you're a good Pitcher, there's a place for you. If you can Kick like the devil, there's a place for you. Even if you don't have a lick of athletic ability (I don't), there's a place for you. It's really surprising to see who the good players will be in this game. A lot of them didn't know they were going to be good at the game until they played it. 
Whole families, adults and children, could play against each other and have star players that they never expected. Cool, huh? This is a game where you are always able to contribute to your team.

What the Press says ...

The Wall Street Journal

Yep. THAT Wall Street Journal. Apparently someone thought we were interesting enough to write about. And folks is it a good read! But if you're not much into reading, check out the accompanying video. We're national folks. 

XLent Weekly (Austin American Statesman)

We made it on the cover of XL. And look! Pretty words in a nice interview to boot. But wait! There's more! There's a whole video to go along with it. Pretty sweet. Pre-tty sweet indeed.

That Other Paper

We don't think we're ever gonna find a better article on the game from an outside source. Namely, because the writer knows -- I mean really knows he game. Just a fantastic read, really.

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