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The MojoKickball Logo with tagline "Come. Play. Everyone."

MojoKickball ("Mojo") is 6-Ball Kickball mixed with tag, dodgeball, and hot potato—all jumbled up into a timed game that allows both athletes and non-athletes to share the field and contribute meaningfully to their teams' success.

A kicker about to kick a ball toward fielders who are ready to react.
A tiled texture similar to the bumps on a kickball.

About the Game

MojoKickball is a game that celebrates inclusion with contribution. Find out what that means, where it came from, and what the creator has to say.

How to Play

Video, photo, and written tutorials to help you understand this ridiculous game.


Now that you know how to play, here are the most frequently asked questions about Mojo.


Support field rental and equipment upkeep.

Come. Play. Everyone. Minneapolis, MN.

Open MojoKickball games are held every Sunday afternoon at Kenwood Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota from 1–3pm. The season begins in spring and ends after the first snowfall. To find out whether or not Mojo is happening this weekend, join our Facebook Group.

Kenwood Park Field #2

2101 W Franklin Ave

Minneapolis, MN 55405

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