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  • Is Mojo rained out today?
    We'll post in the Facebook group if Mojo is rained out on that day. Usually it's not. Don't worry if you don't have a Facebook Account—the group is public and requires no sign-in.
  • How much does it cost?
    MojoKickball is FREE! We typically ask for donations (suggested $5) to help with things like field rental and equipment, but our goal is primarily to create a fun game we can all play.
  • What's the age range?
    At 10 years of age, every kid becomes a serious force to be reckoned with in this game. Because of their small stature and boundless energy, they are nearly impossible to hit with the ball. Needless to say, they excel at this game. Before that age, things are hit-and-miss. As far as the upper limit: we don't know. If you can do a light jog, a light kick, and can catch a ball, you can play Mojo!
  • Where can I play?
    We play MojoKickball in Minneapolis, MN at Kenwood Park (Field #2) on Sundays from 1–3pm.
  • What's a Demo Game?
    All Mojo games start off with a very quick demo game, where we pair you up with a veteran (your Buddy) and we do a quick demo round of what it's like to kick and field in Mojo. It's not a real game and the entire purpose is to show you the ropes, so you have a safe environment to learn the rules without feeling like the new kid in school. You are most welcome here.
  • What should I wear?
    You're going to move around a lot. A lot, a lot. Unlike kickball or softball, the game is timed. As a result, everyone is constantly moving around. You might not have to move fast, but you'll definitely be in a state of near-constant movement. Turf cleats might help if you have them, but are certainly not required. Running around in your flip-flops? Well, probably not.
  • Does it hurt to get hit with the ball?
    Not really. We use light, super-bouncy polyurethane (non-latex) balls, for one. Secondly, from a sheer strategic standpoint, it is far better to not throw the ball at a runner if you can tag them with it instead. And if you have to throw the ball, it's far more strategic to throw with both hands rather than one. Precision is the name of the game, rather than force. As a result, it's uncommon for anyone to get hit with the ball very hard. It's not like dodgeball, where someone might be throwing with wild abandon. Overthrowing here has strategic consequence. Lastly, throwing a ball hard at another player is heavily discouraged in this game. It's never strategic, and the only people who do this are jerks. Needless to say: we don't let jerks play this game.
  • Can I start my own Mojo League in my town?
    YES! If you want resources and help setting up, contact us and we'll talk set you up with the best chance for success.
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