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The Great Mojo Tourney

The Great Mojo Tourney is a MojoKickball tournament held every summer in Minneapolis. 

There are two main prizes awarded: The Mojo Cup and the Most Points Award. 

Sign up for the 2023 Mojo Tourney Now!

Click here to go to our signup form. 


Sunday, Oct 8th, 1pm. 


Kenwood Park, field #2, across from the Kenwood Recreation Center, Minneapolis, MN. 

Am I eligible?

If you've ever played Mojo before in the Twin Cities, then yes!

Click here to go to our signup form. 

The Most Points Award

The team that scores the most runs in the Great Mojo Tourney will receive the “Most Points Award”. The Award is shown in the image.

The Mojo Cup

The highly coveted Mojo Cup is awarded to the team based on the cumulative scores of a hand-picked panel of Mojo Judges (or MoJudges). Judges will judge teams each inning on their performance in regards to how well they have embodied the Spirit of Mojo. Good sportsmanship, teamwork, and inclusion with contribution will be essential as teams aim for the highest standards of Mojo in this Great Battle of True Champions.


The Mojo Cup is a “perpetual” cup, by which the winning team’s name will be engraved on the base along with the year of their victory. 

Since the two awards are given based on two completely different sets of criteria, it is possible that a single team may win both awards, or that each award will go to two different teams.


Each year, two to three (sometimes four) teams of 8 people each will be chosen by lottery to participate in the Great Mojo Tourney. Participants must have played in at least 1 Mojo game to be eligible. At the beginning of the summer, the signup list will be made available. Participants who do not make the lottery may be eligible to be picked for Mojo Judging.  (Mojudging?)

The teams that are created will assign themselves a captain and a team name. 

The Tourney is timed, but is completely un-reffed, as is traditional in MojoKickball in order to create a more ideal environment for proper MoJudgement. 



The Great Mojo Tourney is traditionally in the fall, 

Godspeed, Mojonauts. May your days be chaser-free; may the balls be catchable.  

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