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This is a compilation of strategies (good and bad) that you may/will want to employ. Since this is a new game, there are guaranteed to be many more strategies than the ones that are listed here. As you read on, I think you will find that the game is not just a physical game but can be mentally challenging as well.

Fielding Strategies


"Hocus Pocus"/ "Viper Strike"

If you have 2 balls, use one ball to distract the Runner and Chaser. Meanwhile have the person at 2nd base hide the other ball behind their back. When the Runner gets close enough, whip out the ball and tag the Runner and run away from that angry Chaser!

"Huddle Scuttle"

Oh crap, you screwed up. Somehow the Kickers have managed to get all 6 balls back. Meaning you guys have no balls to get any runners out. What's worse, the Runners are using the "Go Fetch" strategy and are ruining your lives. How do you get a ball back into the Outfield's possession without that pesky Chaser tagging you as soon as you touch the ball?

This is the strategy for that. You know that the Kickers are kicking toward the Chaser, so get another Fielder to "huddle" around the ball as it rolls. The Chaser must stay 3 feet away from the ball until you field it, so delay fielding it until you're sure that one of you can grab the ball and run away quickly.

"The Cat Toy"

The Cat Toy is an effective strategy against the "Go Fetch". 
Let's assume that pesky Chaser is hunting you down as you get close to a kicked ball. Try batting the ball with your hand or your foot toward another Fielder. The Chaser may NOT initially touch a fielder until after you have come in contact with the ball. And if you're only in contact with the ball for a second, then there's no way the ball can be declared "dead".

The only issue with this of course, is if you bat the ball and there is nobody there to catch it before it touches the ground. So you will probably want to have 1 or 2 Fielders nearby.

"The Town Crier" / "Tattler"

In this strategy, you set one or two people to be "Town Criers". A Town Crier simply follows around a Chaser and announces him to the other Fielders whenever the Chaser gets too close. That way there are no nasty surprises. The added benefit is that the Town Crier can act as an outfielder to throw to when the Chaser gets close.


Let's say the Kicking Team is playing "Go Fetch" and are doing a damn good job of it. You need a way to throw off that pesky Chaser. And fast. Send one or two people to run at the ball like they were going to field it, bend down and not field it after all. The Chaser will run after them hopefully, giving someone else enough time to pick the ball up safely. This is great for people who don't have any fielding skills but can contribute greatly to their team with a good fake-out.

"Monkey in the Middle"

This is less of a strategy and more common sense. But I'll put it down anyway. If you have an annoying Chaser that is constantly running around with boundless energy, you should consider playing "Monkey in the Middle" with him. Simply get a few teammates and pass the ball over his head as he runs toward each of you trying to tag you. That should wear him out good.

General Fielding Tips
  • If you have a ball, try to congregate around the bases as much as possible.

  • Good passing to your teammates is worth an awful lot of unnecessary running.

  • Chaser's are constantly swapping out and passing the Yellow Belt to each other. Use that time to get more runners "out" if you can.

Kicking Strategies


This strategy is so commonly used, it's more of a necessity at this point. Just because you're the Chaser doesn't mean that you actually have to "chase". You can simply protect the runner. That's right. In fact, this is the strategy du jour. DON'T chase the ball-wielding Outfielders. Just protect the runner/Kicker as he runs/walks the bases. You can do this by simply standing between your buddy the Kicker and any Outfielder who wants to get him "out".

Granted, if the Outfielder throws the ball at the Kicker and you can't stop it before it hits the Kicker, the Kicker will be "out". But the good news is that if the Outfielder throws the ball at your buddy, the ball is gonna probably hit the ground. Which means it will be a dead ball. Which means you can retrieve it and send it back to the Pitcher.

For double-protection, use your Outfield Chaser to help protect the Runner from Fielders in the Outfield (as opposed to the Infield) with balls.

"Go Fetch"

This has varying degrees of difficulty. If the Outfield has no balls and no Kicker is on base, the Kicker can simply kick the ball in the general direction of the Chaser. The Chaser can't touch the ball or interfere with play. The Chaser also has to be 3 feet away from the ball, but as soon as an Outfielder touches the ball, the Chaser will be that much closer to the Outfielder to 'tag' him and retrieve the ball.

Additionally, if you're Kicker has some good ball control, you can put your Chaser and your Outfield Chaser in the Outfield and hunt down Outfielders who get the ball. That's 2 people setup for Go Fetch.

This awesome strategy can still be countermanded by the Huddle Scuttle.

"The Taunter"

This is a common strategy that can be regularly deployed throughout the game, so it's probably one of the most effective Kicking strategies there is.

Let's suppose that there is a Runner on first base. First base is being anxiously guarded by an Outfielder with ball in hand, ready to tag the Runner just as soon as he leaves that base. The Chaser is busy somewhere else and can't help the first base runner at this time. Meanwhile, you've just kicked a fair ball into the outfield and so you have to run toward first base. Or DO you?

The answer is no. No you don't. Why head toward certain doom? Why endanger your Runner on first base if you don't have to? You may leave or stay on Home Plate once you've kicked, but nothing says you have to run toward your next base. In fact, just stop on the baseline. That's right. Have the Pitcher stop pitching temporarily and just stand there.

Now that pesky first base Outfielder has a decision to make. Either he can run in and get you as you stand vulnerable on the baseline, or he can wait there in hopes that the Runner will try to run to second base. Tough decision. Particularly when the Chaser will certainly come by first base again at some point to chase him away.

But maybe you should even make the decision harder for him. Start running toward him, and then back away as he comes toward you. Lure the Fielder away from your Runner on first base! After all, who cares if he gets you out. By luring him far enough away from first base, you've allowed your Runner the opportunity to advance to second. 

Important note: You can do this on ANY base! Try luring Fielders who are protecting the later bases to try to get you out on the earlier bases. Essentially feel free to run backward on any baseline.

The only time you will get out, is if you:

  • Go too far outside the baseline.

  • Cross another Runner's path (i.e change the Running order).

  • Land on the same base as another Runner.


"Catch Monkey"

When the Fielders have a lot of balls, you may want to call Mayhem. OR you may want to find a way to try to get the balls back some other way. This is one of those ways. Send a fast, agile Kicker along the baselines with your Chasers. Your Chasers essentially will not concentrate on trying to get the Runner to score a run, but rather to get the Fielders to throw as many balls as they can at that Runner. The Runner (the Catch Monkey) will catch as many balls as he/she can and get as many of the balls dead for the next Runner. 
This could also be implemented as a "Train" of "Catch Monkeys" for even more effectiveness.

"The Train"

This works well if implemented carefully with Blitzkrieg. The first step is to load the bases. Namely first and second.

Once you have enough Runners lined up and ready to go, have them all run like banshees altogether on the baseline with your Chasers protecting them the entire way. You will probably lose some Runners to the Fielders, but there's safety in numbers. And you're bound to get some through. Or at least make the Outfield lose all their balls trying to get them "out".

Two tips to remember for this strategy are to:

  • Don't let your runners run out of order or they will be called "out".

  • Use your Outer Chaser to help protect the Runners around the bases.

Pitching Strategies

Sure, the Pitcher is on the same side as the Kickers, but since good pitching is such a good hinge-point to the game, I just decided to give him/her their own section.


If all balls have been retrieved from the Fielders, or if the Fielders have no balls, any Kicker on base can freely run the bases and score a run.

What does that mean from the Pitcher's standpoint? Well, the Pitcher certainly doesn't want to give another ball to the Fielders, so a smart Pitcher will stop Pitching until all the Kickers on base have finally scored, or are near Third base.


When all the Fielders are faced away from the next Kicker because they are concentrating on getting a different Runner out, why not Kick the ball at their backs? Kick it slow enough so that it will roll around into their path, hoping that they will run into it accidentally, making it dead. Sneaky.


You're noticing that the Fielders are busy with the runners. Perhaps you have Runners that are making their way to Third Base and they are trying to stop them. Well, anytime that the Outfield seems distracted, or involved in another part of the game, you can use this opportunity to 'catch them with their pants down' so to speak.

In this strategy, you simply use this opportune time to pitch as many balls as you can in rapid succession. Thus, putting balls-a-plenty out on the field and creating total havoc.

Note: This is especially effective if you use your free Mayhem afterwards to help you get the balls back. Or within the last minute or so in the quarter.

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